Jane Caroline Lindsay PhD
Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist

“Matt Walker was very highly recommended to me last summer and I have been seeing him weekly. Many of the chronic symptoms I had been experiencing for the past four years, caused by postural changes due to Parkinson’s, are now gone.

Matt used techniques which gradually released old holding patterns. I privately called him “Mr Magic”: there seemed to be no stiffness or pain he couldn’t diagnose and work through.

One year on, my chronically stiff neck, back and shoulders now feel ordinary and pain-free. Also I can now painlessly stand tall and straight once more (I had become bent forwards) and my walking is much better (I was shuffling my right foot). And at last I can type again with both hands (my right hand had lost the ability to type).

Matt is without doubt an exceptionally gifted and brilliant osteopath. I would unreservedly recommend him extremely highly to everyone.”

Zoe Hunt

“Went to see Matt with a shoulder problem, he was absolutely brilliant, with treatments and strapping I was able to carry on working a physical job in much less pain and he gave me exercises and loads of brilliant advice that meant I have made a great recovery, without having to stop work!

Can’t recommend highly enough, thanks Matt!”

Catherine Chapman

“I was suffering with excruciating neck pain and numbness in my hands, having little experience in osteopathy Matt came unreservedly recommended by three fellow gym aficionados.

Matt is thorough and a total consummate professional, talking you through every step of the diagnosis, treatment and recommending a course of action and onward treatment. His patients, myself included are an advert for the results he achieves.”

Oliver Marchon

“Matt is simply a magician!

As a personal trainer & someone who takes part in regular intense exercise, I find it invaluable to have someone of Matts expertise to keep me operating at my best.

He is extremely professional, knowledgeable and his treatments are always effective. A good osteopath is worth their weight in gold and Matt is certainly that. Couldn’t recommend him enough!”

Maxime Neil

“I saw Matt for a shoulder problem I’d had for years. He is brilliant hands on and also fab at creating an exercise programme individualised to you. Couldn’t recommend him enough!”

Michael Minerve

“After working in fitness for 12 years I have only ever had treatment 5 years ago for ‘general tightness’. I had been advised by colleagues that Matt is an amazing osteo, so I thought I’d book an appointment and see where we go…

Matt was very informative, his clinical knowledge is outstanding, the treatment he provided to rectify shoulders, back/spine and hips were 1st class.

I will definitely be coming back to get this shoulder sorted. The combination of soft tissue work with osteopathic manipulations were great – I feel miles better and much more free than I have done in years – energy levels are instantly better!”

Caroline Pitt

“Matthew demonstrates a great amount of knowledge and skill in his work – 100% trustworthy, highly recommend.”

Joe Avison

“I’ve been to many osteopaths and have found them to be a mixed bunch. Within ten minutes of my first session, Matt Realised what my issues were and engaged in a totally new (for me) approach.

The results have been amazing and I’m so thankful for finding him. If in doubt check it out. Matt is the real deal.”

Samantha Anne-Ferguson

“After several years of discomfort in my neck, shoulder, back, hip and glutes; with a lot of wrong diagnosis’ I had given up on finding a successful treatment. Following high recommendation, I decided to book in with Matt and really hoped that he could sort things out for me. A few months down the line and I’m well on my way to being on the mend. Amazing.”

Deborah Brookfield

“I had been suffering with a shoulder problem for 2 years which was becoming very debilitating. I had seen my GP a few times who could offer very little help apart from the usual advice of rest and analgesics. I was becoming very despondent when a friend recommended Matthew. I didn’t hold out much hope and knew nothing about osteopathy but anything was worth a try.

Matt was very attentive and professional in a word he was ‘amazing’. After only the first two treatments my shoulder was so much better, allowing me to do daily tasks without struggling and pain free.

I continue to see Matt for the occasional treatment and each time have total faith in his ability to get to the source of the problem and treat in an efficient professional manner.”

Linda Calite

“I went to see Matt with a back and knee problems. Matt was brilliant explaining the reasons behind my problems and giving useful advice to avoid any further injuries as well as easy to follow aftercare exercises.

Matt is very professional, knowledgeable, friendly and treatments work extremely well. Highly recommend.”

Henry Mansfield

“My wife, who has been to Matthew on a number of occasions for sports related injuries, insisted that I book an appointment for my continued complaints of neck, shoulder pain and headaches. Almost two decades of working at computer had left me with aches and pains which seemed to be worsening over the recent years.

After the 1st treatment my headaches had completely gone, and by the 3rd, my neck and shoulder pain had too. Matthew took the time to explain to me the reason working at desk caused so many office workers to experience similar issues to mine – it made complete sense – he provided me with a few simple stretches and exercises to prevent my symptoms returning, and still now, no pain at all. A 10/10 guy and equally great osteopath.

Sam Thomas

“Matt is a very talented osteopath and works with the upmost professionalism. I can’t recommend him enough.”

Natalie Cooper

“Matt is superb!! Has cured me of a couple of very painful back injury’s, he has also cured my son of a rugby injury, fitting him in as soon as he could on a weekend, Matt went above and beyond to help him.

We will always go back to him with any future issues. He also gives extremely helpful after care!”

Andrew Battersbee

Whilst on my way to meet Matt for the first time, my back went. I was driving and had to pull over as I was in extreme pain. I somehow managed to get to The Osteo Practice where I was seen promptly. Matt’s professional disposition and action meant that I wasn’t in pain for too long. He explained every step of his practice and ensured that I was comfortable with everything going on. He understood the need for checking patient history and was thorough in his approach.

Once the pain had fully subsided, Matt was able to explain to me what he believed to be the problem and how he could help. And that’s the point. He has done. This was done through a few sessions which included massage and acupuncture. Matt’s personality is friendly and he is able to put clients at ease, in quite uncomfortable and painful situations. I was also given after treatment plans to ensure that my back could get back to normal strength; easy and realistic suggestions that can be done at home with minimal effort. I would recommend The Osteo Practice to others as it, and Matt, provide the full package.”

April West

“Saw Matt for ongoing shoulder complaint after one session my pain was gone. Highly recommended amazing Osteo!”

Fran Garfield

“My daughter “A” aged 15 years began to complain of headaches and pain behind her eyes when running about 11 months ago. Her symptoms worsened to include sleep,visual and auditory disturbances and severe headaches which left her unable to function and in great distress.

Frequent appointments and visits to our local GP, A and E and hospital based ophthalmology and paediatric services ensued and during this time my daughters headaches became so severe that despite taking frequently prescribed painkillers she effectively missed a half term of school. Her mood changed and she became sad and withdrawn telling me that she didn’t think anyone could make her better.

A final diagnosis of migraine was made some 8 months later by a specialist neurological team and she was started on anti-epileptic medication. During visits to our GP surgery and Paediatric services it had been noticed that “A”‘s neck was very stiff and when we were given the diagnosis of migraine we thought osteopathy might help.

Today as I sit typing this my daughter is back full time in school, she no longer suffers with severe headaches, is off the anti-epileptic medication and able to participate fully in life again. Her mood has lifted and she is now a normal stroppy teenager, I feel as though she has come back, I can’t thank Matt enough.”

Jaclyn Norman

“Huge thanks Matt for helping with my lower back pain. Back to training as normal now!”


“For the first time in 15 years I feel confident that the underlying cause is being dealt with.

After only a few weeks, I have 50% reduction in pain, more mobility in my neck and shoulders and have reduced my medication.

Matt and I are confident that I will have a medication free future – an amazing thought after so much time and so much pain”

Miriam Hackett

“I have suffered with migraines for several years following a horse riding accident. These were becoming progressively worse and very debilitating.

Matt has helped me massively, allowing me to be migraine free after just a few treatments.

I would highly recommend Matt to anyone that suffers from migraines”