Sports Injury


Hamstring strain – Klopp’s Gegenpress isn’t the only cause…

Imagine the scene; an elite athlete at full stretch suddenly comes to a halt, clasping the back of their thigh – their face etched with shock, agony and disappointment. A team of physios helps the limping casualty away from the pitch or track… unless you’re Derek Redmond of course, and your dad’s a bit of a pushy parent…

We can all guess the cause, a typical hamstring strain, or maybe a ‘pulled’ or ‘torn muscle’. These terms come from the mechanics of this type of injury – the hamstring being forcibly..


Hamstring Tendinopathy – A real pain in the…

I see a lot of people who tell me they’ve ‘pulled a hamstring’ – it’s a common enough condition – and in most cases they’ve self-diagnosed accurately. But beware, that pain may not be all it seems.
There is another condition called hamstring tendinopathy which might feel similar, but is clinically a very different problem. In order to apply the most suitable management strategy, it’s important to get an early, accurate diagnosis.


Sprained ankle…a recurring problem?

A sportsman’s nightmare… a dodgy tackle, a patch of uneven ground, an awkward landing or maybe just a few too many Proseccos in your favourite pair of high heels. Whatever the cause, the outcome is usually long-lived and less than favourable for the affected party.

The most common form of ankle trauma, accounting for around 90%, is caused by rolling over the outside of the foot; this is referred to as an ‘inversion sprain’ and so, this will be the topic of discussion today. The injury is characterised as damage to..