Picked up an injury? To rest or not to rest

Within the world of physical-therapy, the strategy of ‘complete rest’ as a means to recover from an injury has been debunked in almost every circumstance. We now know that the negative implications of extreme rest far outweigh any hope of a therapeutic effect.⁣
But for those of you who worry that exercise could make your injury worse, you’ll be assured to hear that the concept of ‘bed-rest’ has since been replaced by one of ‘relative rest’. ⁣
‘Relative rest’ relies on remaining active and fit whilst being cautious not to place ???????????????????????????????????? loads on an injured or extremely fatigued tissue, ie. loads that can prolong or even worsen your issue.⁣
If this balanced zone can be established and, with rigour, caution and creativity, slowly built upon to allow you to regain peak conditioning, then, you may have just discovered the perfect recovery formula, otherwise known as – you guessed it, a rehab plan????

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